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I am a young person and I realized I had finished twenty years that should not already begin to think and do something with your life, select a path in life and came to the conclusion that I'll try and I'll bet your business repair laptops in the Thurso . How little who I knew at that , and the cutting and folding laptops that was a lot of fun for me . Repair of such equipment brought me not only satisfaction however too money on that so hard in today times, cool thing to repair such equipment and even better to do what you like . A little worse was the repair of printers , which once had a problem at home and struggled for a long time however I fixed it , at the moment I'm doing much a pretty good because I have come to a much greater skill and have a lot better equipment to this kind of repairs. An interesting case identical is repair devices , like small not uneasy equipment and how it gets started it is very much part of it , however such repair identical brought me fun and a lot of income , all prefer to repair private older equipment makes me very happy , would be more of orders in the Thurso.