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Selby , Unit 3 The Vivars Industrial Centre, Vivars Way, Selby, YO8 8BE
At Domesfix we know how frustrating it is when an appliancebreaks down, which is why we pride ourselves on a quick response repair, withsame day ...

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We went recently with his wife on holiday to the Bieszczady Mountains , great scenery , very picturesque , everywhere very colorful , because it was autumn . As you know at this time of year, it's merely do pictures , many color , you pops very cool photos. Unfortunately, the day before we left we broke the camera , it was some bad luck, I do not know how it could happen , luckily I gave him the same day to repair the camera and on the second day in the morning I have to pick it up , now I'm getting a more positive attitude to this kind of repair of equipment , it is worth to invest in such small but as enjoying repairs. When I broke my printer and much like I thought , well, you should acquire a new by coincidence I met a friend out of town and told me company which printer repair , fortunately for the buck managed to fix it and it works so far. The biggest trouble I once had with minor repairs , it was Hard drive repair , I did not know how to fix it , I tried to do format install Windows from scratch , nothing helped , and expertise company from the Selby in three hours I repaired my disk.