P C Repair Swansea in Swansea

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Phone: +44 800 612 6727
Website: http://www.pcrepairswansea.co.uk
Street: Swansea, 43 Park Rd, Gowerton, Swansea SA4 3EP
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Welcome to PC Repair Swansea, Home computer support.

We at PC Repair Swansea are different to the others.

1. We are a laptop repair company based in Swansea, we do all the work ourselves and even repair laptops for other computer support companies in and around the Swansea area.

(Cut out the middle Man)

2. We are a dedicated call out service for Home and Business users providing 365 days a year, 24 hours a day support in Swansea.

3. We believe we are the only company that has the customers best interest as our number one priority, and feel we are the only company you can trust.


P C Repair Swansea

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Author: Deekshi
Date: 2015/08/28
That one's a classic. I bet the out of ofcfie is in both languages now, although to be honest, I think an out of ofcfie is pretty obvious by the speed with which it arrives. No matter what language it's in.But anyway, I'll always find mintranslations funny and I won't apologise for that but I'm not going to sneer at someone else's efforts either. Not every company has the budget for professional translation companies and there can't be many individuals that do either. Besides, whatever effort they make in English is already far superior to my command of their language.I made some very limited attempts in Spanish a few years back but I never got very far because I was too afraid of making a mistake. My mum, on the other hand, couldn't wait to jump in with both feet and began her linguistic experience by asking one member of the bar staff how old he was. And she made the one tiny mispronunciation that turns the question into something quite rude.I think he'd've let it go but I was in on the joke and he read that in my face, so he just ended up laughing. So did my mum once we could stop giggling long enough to explain.I'd like to learn another language at some point. I doubt I'd ever achieve fluency but moving slightly beyond the basics in anything at all would be nice. I'd definitely have to get over the whole I must not make mistakes thing though.
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