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Laptops and PC's work reliably day in day out and we are so reliant on them for home working, for student assignments, browsing the internet, social networking and entertainment, that it has become an essential item you cannot be without for long.

In fact Laptops and PC's can carry on working so reliably that we become complacent and don't stop to think about who we would call if our computer should suddenly suffer a permanent failure, repeatedly crash, or develop other serious or annoying faults.

Also likely Murphy's law or sods law to most of us, will have it that your computer will develop a fault at the worst possible moment to cause you maximum inconvenience.

Just imagine the frustration, after you have hit the keyboard a few times and frantically clicked the mouse, you decide to try a few restarts to no avail. You realise your PC is simply not going to start up and it's out of warranty.

Or, maybe you accidentally clicked something out of curiosity on the web, opened an unexpected email attachment on human impulse, or opened a downloaded file and the next thing you see is your computer self destructing! You are unable to click anything, unable to browse the web, and there may be something resembling an anti-virus program asking you to pay for it and buy it. You find that from this point, you can't really do much at all apart from shut the computer down.

If you have access to the internet through a second computer (or maybe a friend's computer) you can fill in the Enquiry Form to get a quick quote/estimate for your problem. Or, you can simply ring us for an immediate response. Most likely the problem will be straight forward to diagnose from a clear description of it.

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