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Different style repair is a real challenge , I saw the internet quite a few companies / business single / companies in the Basingstoke ( district) , which features minor repairs for a fairly low amount , therefore once as I broke my turbo , I went to the issued with one professional help and specialist corporation that is the repair of turbochargers in , I thought it would take a week if not more, and it turned out that fix it in three days , which really surprised me , luckily I'm very pleased that they fixed it so quickly my equipment that was me immensely needed. I used to wonder how to fix the alternator , because currently in your car every now and then I had a problem with him and I could not himself with handle this , fortunately repair the alternator is not such a big problem , and somehow I managed to yourself devoting their time with it. Worse if you already need do regeneration alternator if have other option than to go to professional corporation preferably in the area of the Basingstoke or state, and fixing this problem , regeneration my alternator lasted approximately hours but on the second day already picked up your alternator and it was like new .