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One of the primary laptop computer maintenance problems is when the power connection stops working on a laptop computer. Occasionally these are generally referred to as Dc jack, power connection or power outlet. Just about all these names refer to the main power port on the laptop.
The notebook DC jack port can easily fail for a number of factors. Sometimes we get customers visiting us that declare that the laptop power port seems to have failed when in truth it really is the power charger and nothing related to the laptop computer itself.
The power port breakdown might be as a consequence of following factors:

Broke off: the power wire might have been aggressively pulled from the laptop.

Worn off: with time inserting as well as unplugging the power cord in to the notebook wears down the notebook computer dc jack port connection and the soldier connections may become loose

Dropped the notebook: you may have dropped the netbook and the power jack has fallen into itself.

These are just one or two of the causes power port might have failed. Luckily almost all Electrical ports are very cheap to replace, the price of a new jack is simply a few pounds based on the model of notebook.

The main cost when replacing a Dc jack on the laptop is the time involved. The complete notebook need to be stripped down and taken apart to get to the key motherboard which usually contains the laptop Dc port. This consists of usually between an hour to two hrs worth of labor. The moment the notebook has been dissembled it’s a case of de-soldering the previous Dc port and exchanging with a brand new Dc jack port.

The new Dc port is then examined before re-constructing the laptop computer. As soon as every tests are complete it’s a case of putting the laptop back together. This particular process is time consuming and as part of the process we have a tendency to give the internal notebook components a good clean because dust can build-up through the years and having a internally clean notebook computer can result in extended life expectancy which is an extra value service that we offer.

As mentioned the main cost whenever it concerns exchanging a notebook computer Power jack port is the time required fortunately this specific repair is offered at a fixed price. Right now there are a few types of netbook where it may cost a tad bit more to repair the Power jack port however this is due to the availability of parts. You will discover a few types of Sony VAIO systems and acer’s fall under this class but it really a small %.

As stated at the start of this post we sometimes receive customers visiting us when they believe that there port is on the blink however after some initial tests the netbook charger is at fault. We use high-end multi meter’s to assess the current from the laptop battery charger, if we don’t obtain a regular siginal from your wall charger then we switch the charger – this normally cures the problem. The other benefit of testing both the Power jack port and also wall charger is that replacing a laptop wall charger is a far easier and less expensive option.


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