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UK CHIP TUNING are one of the UKs leading mobile Remapping & Chip Tuning specialists. As much as a 50% gain in power & upto 20% more mpg can be achieved.

We at UK CHIP TUNING specialise in custom re-mapping/chip tuning of most modern ECU‘s found in modern vehicles to provide you with the very best results every time. We have years of experience in all levels of tuning from Mechanical to Electronic. Whether it is, a re-map for the purpose of performance, economy or a good balance of both, we can help. We have the very latest in engine tuning technology allowing us to provide a re-map to your requirements.

Our CUSTOM re-maps will provide you with the best tuning solution available. They are designed to suit all your needs whilst maintaining a competitive price.

We are one of the UK‘s leading mobile tuning companies and can cater for all needs ie: 
*         Fast road, Track days, Towing, 4x4 & Off Road 
*         Increased fuel economy for commercial companies 
*        Improved drivability for everyday use

We have the very latest engine tuning equipment and technology, therefore, most makes and models from 2000> can be re-mapped via the vehicles OBD socket (diagnostically). We also have the knowledge and skills in house to be able to chip the older vehicles that are not able to be remapped via OBD, as fitted to some VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Renaults, BMW, etc. Giving you fantastic gains in power and economy for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

We carry out the following ECU Remap services:

Alfa Romeo ECU Remap - Alfa Romeo Tuning - Audi ECU Remap - Audi Tuning - BMW ECU Remap - BMW Tuning - Chrysler Tuning - Citroen Tuning - Fiat ECU Remap - Fiat Tuning - Ford Tuning - Hyundai Tuning - Jeep Tuning - Kia Tuning - Land Rover ECU Remap - Land Rover Tuning - Mercedes Tuning - Mini ECU Remap - Mini Tuning - Mitsubishi Tuning - Nissan Tuning - Peugeot ECU Remap - Peugeot Tuning - Renault Tuning - Rover Tuning - Saab Tuning - Seat Tuning - Skoda ECU Remap - Skoda Tuning - Smart Tuning - Suzuki Tuning - Vauxhall ECU Remap - Vauxhall Tuning - Volkswagen ECU Remap - Volkswagen Tuning - Volvo Tuning - Car Tuning - Engine Remap - ECU Remap - ECU Remapping - Chip Tuning


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