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We live in such times where internet , and the computer will certainly be in every Polish home what I write , one computer is in dwelling ? For me at place have two desktop computers , three laptops and just about every without undoubtedly your phone on the same can watch movies , browse the certainly everything connected with wifi router and you can no problem use of all equipment . Worse is how we break down the computer, repair Laptop in is a real challenge for me or for my family , but Fortunately, from what are professional company from the Alva that they do such repairs. According to me the worst as it breaks laptop repair computer is probably a big challenge and not a small problem . My friend 's son fortunately well known for laptops and repaired easily , as these kids these days capable to handle and repair such equipment is up big admiration for them. When I had a problem with own in most cases something I print and I need to keep luckily I managed to avoid this problem , the son of a fairly easy and quickly I fix printer makes me very happy , for a dozen or so years, our world will be brilliant specialists.